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Color Line

Worship the Rich and Punish the Poor

Color Line

If you do a search on the web for the phrase "I am a republican because" you'll find many sites with the following list. So I assume that this is what rings a lot of people's bells. I was curious why anyone who isn't worth at least 5 million dollars or has an IQ of more than a hundred would be a republican these days. After reading this I can see why someone might sign up and even stay a republican as long as they don't really look at what is actually going on. However, republicanism is mainly about slogans and words for everyone who is not wealthy and all about creating and maintaining advantage for those who are the wealthy. But the words read pretty well...

Just don't look at the man behind the curtain.

And don't forget to check out the Republican Creed for a possibly more realistic list of what republicanism is about...

The following I'm a Republican list was produced by Haley Barbour, former Republican National Committee Chairman, and is reproduced here via Jonathan. Original publication date: circa November 1994.