Water and air

We support all activities to conserve water resources, and we advocate democratic, locally based control over waste management practices that affect surface and subsurface waters.

We oppose further interference with watersheds, water courses, wetlands, and natural bodies of water (including the oceans) except to heal, rehabilitate, and conserve them. We support the conservation and restoration of all fresh waters.

We oppose relationships of commodification, private ownership, and financial speculation toward fundamental components of natural ecosystems, such as water, that are necessary to support every form of life on Earth.

We support development of national, regional, and local groundwater protection policies and long-term management of all aquifers.

We aim to phase out and as soon as possible eliminate all public, private, and commercial practices that pollute or degrade existing water resources. Until water can be decommodified, residential and commercial water pricing in both rural and urban areas should be determined and based on a fair cost for water usage, which applies to all expenses actually involved in water acquisition, transportation, storage, quality maintenance, and restoration. Rate structures should be used to encourage water conservation.

We strongly oppose the idea of air pollution or emission "rights," which we see as an unjustifiable commodification of this public natural resource and a recognition of a fallacious"right to pollute."

We support drastically reducing or eliminating the emission of any particulates or chemicals that are known to have adverse health or ecological consequences.

We advocate reducing the emissions from internal combustion engine vehicular traffic, and encouraging the use of mass and alternative transportation.

We advocate halting the destruction of existing forests and rain forests, accompanied by ecosystem regeneration.

We encourage the large-scale development of renewable, more efficient energy generation technologies, and advocate broad-based small-scale energy production to protect air quality.

The manufacture and use of all chemicals that deplete the ozone layer must be phased out, beginning immediately.