We are all struggling for meaning and purpose in societies that reduce the Earth and its diverse living community to markets, commodities, and objects to be bought and sold, managed and controlled.

Denial of innate yearnings to be a part of the web of life, rather than outside it, has left a vast emotional, psychological, and spiritual void in human beings-a profound alienation. The disconnection has led to a destructive lack of respect for the life-web of the planet, for other human beings, and for deep parts of our own selves.

Consumerism and other addictions, religious escapism, rigid adherence to dogmatic beliefs, militarism, social oppression, pursuit of power for its own sake, cynicism, and violence are all indicative of a social failure to meet our spiritual needs for a fundamental sense of connection and meaning.

Spirituality for Greens is thus a way of being in the world that acknowledges and celebrates our connectedness to the Earth, to each other, and to all life. It is an attitude of love, compassion, and humility that embraces diversity and respects new and old spiritual traditions. It is an evolving, flexible, reciprocal process of healing-a process that brings us to our center, back into balance with ourselves and our community.

For us, spirituality seeks to restore balance through recognizing that our planet and all of life are unique aspects of an integrated whole, and through affirming the significant inherent value and contribution of each part of that whole.

It empowers us within the political process. It energizes us to resist actions and institutions that harm the life-web or desecrate the Earth; it affirms us in supporting those that are truth-seeking and life-affirming. Spirituality for Greens reminds us to consider the seventh generation yet unborn in everything we do.

We support the separation of religious practices from the activities of government, commonly known as the separation of Church and State.

We support the freedom of all peoples to worship, or not worship, as they choose. And we support individual and group spiritual communion and celebration.

We support actions that are life-affirming and truth-seeking, and oppose actions that exploit the Earth and its peoples.

We support practices and policies that enhance the sense of interconnectedness (such as meditations, therapy, wilderness experience, art, and music).

We encourage the development of all aspects of our being: body, emotions, mind, and spirit.