Peace and nonviolence

Green politics challenges direct and structural violence of all kinds: assaults against individuals, families, the environment, the society, and the biosphere.

We proceed from the basic assumptions that all life is interconnected-what we do to others we do to ourselves-and that the means and the ends are inseparable.

Nonviolent means are always preferable to violent ones. The "First World" has the most control over the means of violence; we have a special responsibility to work with the world community to overcome the conditions that promote violence.

Militarism and patriarchy perpetuate violence-the former, by the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, biological, and conventional weapons; the latter, by systematic violence against men, women, children, disenfranchised people, and all life forms.

Violence is more than the destruction of life. It includes the use of threat and fear, which bars people from equal access to land, food, meaningful work, a healthful environment, health resources, justice, and education.

Violence can also be defined as the existence of ethnic, religious, cultural, age, or sexual relationships that are oppressive. The social causes of violence in our society must be fully addressed.

We recognize that peace has global, societal, and personal aspects, and that each of these must be addressed from the point of view of preventing war, containing conflict when it occurs, and defending against aggression.

We believe that the concept of national security must be re-examined to include health, education, economics, and the health of the natural environment, rather than the present focus upon military hardware.

Demilitarization and conversion

In light of these points, we call for demilitarization and rebudgeting for conversion to socially useful production. We support at least a 75% reduction in the military budget, creating a Peace Dividend to be used for worker retraining, social services, health care and education, reduction of the debt and deficit, an environmental trust fund, and repairs to the infrastructure. We need to begin retooling our economic infrastructure away from its dependence upon military production.

We further call for the worldwide elimination of all nuclear weapons (space, land, and sea) and the end of nuclear production and research. All nuclear power plants, which constitute a crucial link in the nuclear fuel cycle necessary for weapons production, need to be eliminated. In addition, the use of all chemical and biological weapons should be halted and production and research on them halted.

We urge the abolition of military and economic aggression, "low intensity warfare," covert operations, and all forms of life-threatening, organized violence and oppression.

Arms markets and sales, domestic and abroad, should be abolished, as should all forms of coerced national service.

Conflict resolution

We promote nonviolent civilian (or social) defense. We support the concept of a minimal border defense.

Nonviolent conflict resolution should be incorporated in courses and practices in all schools and government entities, and community mediation services should be established.

We believe that U.N. efforts in conflict resolution and peacekeeping deserve support, and that a widespread, well-funded system of international student and worker exchanges should be established.