Indigenous people

We recognize that Native American land and treaty rights represent agreements between nations that have international legal standing and cannot be changed without the consent of both nations involved. They embody the wisdom of elders who negotiated the treaties and are, most often, a modern expression of ecological culture and tradition that we all wish to preserve. Treaties are just human rights that we support and seek to maintain, and are also a focal point of racial backlash that represents a real threat to the lives of Native Americans and must be stopped.

We oppose all efforts by Congress, the President, or other political forces to abrogate treaties. We stand in full support of Native American land and treaty rights.

We recognize that Native American land and treaty rights often stand at the frontline against government and multinational corporate attempts to plunder energy, mineral, timber, fish, and game resources, and to pollute water, air, and land in the service of greed and mindless economic expansion/consumption. For this reason, we fully support legal, political, and grassroots efforts of Native Americans to protect their rights, their livelihoods, their sacred spaces, their tribal sovereignty, and the precious living resources of Mother Earth.

We also support efforts of Native American nations to establish and maintain community-controlled, sustainable economic enterprises. We recognize that government welfare programs and private gambling operations have been imposed on Native nations, and we support self-chosen efforts by Native peoples to move away from these economic strategies.

We support the renewal of Native American traditional cultures and practices that embody a wealth of spiritual and ecological teachings for living on this land. This means that those of us who are not Native Americans adopt a stance of respectful learning about other cultures, not taking or claiming their practices, but in fact reclaiming our own many and rich cultural traditions, rituals, and stories.

We are committed to building a truly multiracial organization and movement with both the perspectives and leadership of people of color at all levels of Green organizing.

We strongly oppose efforts to relocate the Dine (Navajo) from the joint use area. We call for the repeal of PL93-531 and an end to the daily harassment of people and their property in the joint use area.

We also call upon all peoples of conscience to pressure the Canadian government to withdraw troops from Mohawk Territory, to honor Native rights in Canada, and to begin serious talks in resolving Native claims, based on sovereignty of Native people.

We acknowledge that we all live on land conquered by Europeans and that we all need to begin to heal the pain and grief of the last 500 years of domination and exploitation in this hemisphere. In order to counteract the official celebration of Columbus' "discovery" of America, we publicly support efforts to tell the true story of Columbus and to honor the 500 years of resistance to that legacy, and also to honor our cultures and traditions that exemplify right living with Mother Earth on our continent.