Given the widely reported pressures on forests worldwide, we call for a halt to all current international funding policies that promote destruction of forest ecosystems.

There should be proper financial aid, land redistribution, and promotion and distribution of self-sufficient/self-reliant technologies to people adversely affected by deforestation and resource extraction for export. We also call for an end to the export of timber products from endangered forests and to all exports of whole logs and wood chips . All possible nonviolent methods should be used to end this trade.

There should be widescale conservation and reforestation coordination by international agencies, with implementation by local people.

Indigenous people must be allowed to maintain control over the ecosystems from which they derive their livelihood and subsistence.

Retraining for all workers in forestry and forest-related industries adversely affected by the shift to sustainable forest practices must be provided. Public funds and facilities should be available both for this retraining and for job placement for displaced workers.

In the United States, we call for an end to below-cost timber sales and all other forms of subsidy for the forest products industry on public lands. Corporate take-overs in the forest products industry need to be prohibited. There should be public campaigns and laws to promote recycling and conservation, and alternatives to wood pulp, including hemp, need to be promoted.

We believe that ecologically sustainable forest practices should be promoted and mandated through the activities of governmental agencies and tax policies.

We further call for an end to clearcutting, to all cutting in ancient forests and other significant native forests, and to the export of raw logs. We need to initiate a nationwide conservation program of paper products, including restrictions on consumer packaging and advertisement. We need to protect all designated wilderness areas and, where possible, expand them. Road building on public lands needs to be drastically reduced and we must phase out all but essential roads.

We believe that the use of all pesticides and herbicides must be eliminated, along with the practice of growing monoculture timber farms. All reforestation activities should mimic the natural diversity and ecology of the forest.